Ragamuffin Movie

If you have an affinity for outrageous grace, hammered dulcimer, or the scandal of God’s love…if you appreciate indie films, bare feet, white T-shirts, affronts to religious people, or good art…If you have a love for the faith, music, or life of Rich Mullins…

A few dear friends have embarked on this project to tell a story of a man who knew God’s love, mercy, and grace in ways I can only imagine very few ever have. Please take a moment to support this project in one of a couple ways

1. Share this post and/or video on your social media outlets.
2. Email ragamuffinmovie@gmail.com with your name and you city, state if you would like to see this film released in your town.

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9 thoughts on “Ragamuffin Movie

  1. Rich had a profound impact on my life. I heard him 3 times in concert. I have many times listened to John Powers interview; tribute to Rich. ….”we don’t sing because we are happy, but rather we are happy because we sing.”

  2. I will be sorely disappointed if it doesn’t get released in Atlanta. This man impacted the lives of so many with his honesty and vulnerability. It was not about him, it was about Jesus. My husband was a church planter in Atlanta and for a long season, every service was closed with Rich’s song “Step by Step”. I can’t express enough how much we appreciate the impact this man has had on us.

  3. Please, Please bring this movie to Richmond, VA! God gave me Rich’s music at a time when I really needed it!

  4. I will not only go see it if it is nearby, but I will also buy the DVD copy! Rich Mullins is such a joy to watch, listen to, and sing along with. He was a very deep Christian. I know where he is and I know that I miss him now, but we’ll spend eternity together on the other side! I thank God for this man! He continues to be a blessing and an inspiration to me!

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